GRANDSOL Operation and Maintenance plans are designed to protect the PV investments and ensure they continue to perform over their 20 year life span. Our program also helps plant owners who are focus on maximizing the return on investment, including assets such as facilities and O&M staff.

Optimizing O&M strategies is key in a competitive solar market. An efficiently run PV plant reduces the risk of early equipment failure, unscheduled downtime and increases plant profitability. Yet, PV O&M budgeting is an inherent compromise between the costs and benefits of maintaining asset availability and performance.

The perception of O&M is that it comes as an afterthought to permitting, finance & balance of systems. This issue is exacerbated by the fact the US have limited O&M knowledge, meaning that most plant owners have a O&M related horror story.

Every plant is unique which means there is not a set of golden rules to follow. Yet, there are set of common principles that can be applied that will improve plant performance. In line with this, GRANDSOL offers ‘O&M best practice’ for the most cost effective O&M strategy.

Our operations and maintenance packages offer our customers a cost effective and efficient way to keep their systems at optimal performance.

If you don’t have the staff on site to maintain the installation yourself, we offer optional maintenance contracts customized to your needs. Under a maintenance agreement, we will schedule annual or semi-annual site visits and inspect your installation by offering a variety of services listed on the right.