In today’s current scenario, industrial and commercial establishments are resorting to solar arrays and industrial PV systems in order to bypass power outage problems associated with grid supply. Be it in the paper, steel, chemical, textile, cement, dairy or the ceramic industry, solar power panels are fast becoming a norm rather than an option in India. This has been given a boost by the presence of open access grids in most states, nationwide.

Most solar panel operation and maintenance (O&M) processes require periodic checks for ensuring optimal performance and security. The frequency and degree of solar array monitoring and solar panel maintenance are reliant on the installation type, system configuration and location of the commercial solar power system in use.

Yearly inspections are recommended by companies providing solar maintenance in India. Apart from inspecting PV systems regularly, it is also important to carry out inspections when their ownership changes.

Solar PV systems’ maintenance processes are best carried out by qualified installers or service technicians who are conversant with PV components and their safety procedures. These providers of solar panel maintenance services take care of the full range of PV maintenance processes that include: